FBI Special Agent Kate Whistler

FBI Special Agent Kate Whistler

FBI Special Agent Kate Whistler is a character that appears on NCIS: Hawaiʻi and is played by Tori Anderson


NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E01Prisoner's DilemmaSep 19, 2022
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E02Blind CurvesSep 26, 2022
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E03Stolen ValorOct 3, 2022
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E04Primal FearOct 10, 2022
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E05Sudden DeathOct 17, 2022
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E06Changing TidesOct 24, 2022
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E07Vanishing ActNov 14, 2022
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E08Curtain CallNov 21, 2022
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E09Desperate MeasuresDec 5, 2022
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E10Deep FakeJan 9, 2023
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E11Rising SunJan 16, 2023
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E13Misplaced TargetsFeb 6, 2023
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E15Good SamaritanFeb 27, 2023
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E16Family TiesMar 13, 2023
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E17Money HoneyMar 20, 2023
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E18Bread CrumbsApr 10, 2023
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E19Cabin FeverMay 1, 2023
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E20Nightwatch TwoMay 8, 2023
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E21Past DueMay 15, 2023
NCIS: HawaiʻiS02E22Dies IraeMay 22, 2023
NCIS: HawaiʻiS03E01Run and GunFeb 12, 2024
NCIS: HawaiʻiS03E02Crash and BurnFeb 19, 2024
NCIS: HawaiʻiS03E03License to ThrillFeb 26, 2024
NCIS: HawaiʻiS03E04Dead on ArrivalMar 4, 2024
NCIS: HawaiʻiS03E05Serve and ProtectMar 25, 2024
NCIS: HawaiʻiS03E07The Next ThousandApr 15, 2024
NCIS: HawaiʻiS03E08Into Thin AirApr 22, 2024
NCIS: HawaiʻiS03E10Divided We ConquerMay 6, 2024

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